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An integrative approach to longevity health that prioritizes community collaboration alongside physical, mental,
and social wellbeing. 

SteamBoat Athletes Workshop

Steamboat and the Yampa Valley is a community of doers. Passions reign supreme here, and if people aren’t “doing,” they’re likely dreaming and scheming about the pursuits that fuel them.


Whether you’re into biking, skiing or riding, running, hiking, racing, fishing, hunting, paddling, climbing, adventuring in general, or all of the above, SAW aims to create a space that connects and enhances the tightly-woven fabric that defines our community at large, with the end goal being to help people become healthier, happier, better versions of themselves -- physically, mentally, and socially -- in life, sport, and community.

While much of our approach is geared towards enhancing performance & wellness across sport and life, we also provide collaborative community offerings alongside other preventative, longevity health-focused services. 

Ultimately, it's our mission to provide greater opportunities for active, passionate, health-centric individuals, groups, and businesses to engage and elevate their passions for health, sport, and life within community.

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Community Panel &  Workshop Series

When we know better, we do better. And while there's certainly an inherent value in committing to a path of personal growth and self-improvement on one's own terms, many would attest this is often enhanced when paired with the strength and diversity of one's community. 

In an effort to help guide this process -- one defined by a "no-BS-approach" -- SAW seeks to create a community space that will foster deeper education and understanding amongst those who desire to intentionally connect, engage, learn, and evolve together. 

One such way we plan on implementing this is by hosting a recurring Panel, Forum, and Speaker Series to discuss and debate various community issues, as well as to facilitate and hold space for technical gear or skills workshops, demos, and other relevant topics.

Check back soon for updated details about our FREE
Community PaneL & WORKSHOP Series!


meet the team


Ian Gale
Level 2, USA Cycling

Certified Bike Coach

Construction Wizard & Business Owner

Australian-born and raised

Steamboat local since 2000

Husband and Father of two
"Local Legend of Dad Jokes"

Thrives in the mountains where he was a former mountain bike racer, rips on Teles, bombs downstream in a kayak, and is

an avid bow-hunter

Britni Johnson
Functional Nutritionist

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Level III Restorative Wellness Practitioner

Holistic Health Coach

Professional Ski Guide

Avalanche Education Instructor

Mountain Bike Coach, Teacher & Guide

NCAA D1 Athlete & Big Ten Champion (Women's Rowing)

Organic gardener, yogi, general adventure-enthusiast, and lover of all of life's sweet and simple pleasures (food, or otherwise) 

Pete Dopkin
Mind & Body, Mental Health
MA, HBLU-certified

Energetic Psychology Practice

Father of one, Husband of one
Lived in Manhattan twice, Colorado twice
Staggering recall of movie and TV lines

NCAA National Lacrosse Champion (DII)

Can be found outside doing any number of activities, but has recently gravitated towards the challenge of ultra marathons

 Completed 1st 100 mile ultra in 2022

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To engage and elevate people in their passions for Health, Sport, and Life 
within community.

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